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Pre-Built Modular Homes – The Hybrid Cars of the Home Building Industry

June 6th, 2021

Pre-built modular homes have several very clear advantages over conventionally built ones, and they have long since outgrown the days when their quality was in question. The pre-built modular home of today offers unparalleled quality at a bargain basement price, making it welcome in communities and developments all over the US.

You can order your pre-built modular home from plans already drawn up by the manufacturer, or you can specify the features and floor plan you’d like your pre-built modular home to have and let the manufacturer customize your plans. You can include in your home as many upscale appliances and as high-end a climate control system as you like, and you will be able to from any architectural style. You won’t miss a thing when it comes to the amenities and curb appeal of your pre-built modular home.

What will be missing from your home building process is the waiting around while weather delays and subcontractor scheduling difficulties postpone your move-in day week after week. The modules of your pre-built modular home will be waiting at the factory until you have pre-poured your foundation, and then will be shipped to you and joined to the foundation and each other in no more than a couple of days.

Those modules will contain the plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, cabinets, and cutouts necessary to let you finish your home. The will be so complete, in fact, that 80% of your home will already be finished when the modules are attached to your foundation. The time from arrival at a building site to move-in day for a tow-section pre-built modular home is between tow and three weeks, and from the tie it is ordered until move-in day is about three months. Compare that to the six to twelve months it takes to build a traditional home.

Energy-Efficient Pre-Built Modular Homes

Not only can you order the most energy saving appliances for your modular home; the modules themselves will have been manufactured to fit together with computer-engineered precisions, making your new home virtually air-tight. Your pre-built modular home can be certified as energy-efficient under the independent ratings of EnergyStar, so that you know it complies with both municipal building codes and industry energy standards.

Add to that the facts that your modular home industry was manufactured in a climate-controlled indoor facility, and that its modules contain significantly more insulation that the average stick built home, and you’ll see why going modular will make you one of the smartest homeowners of the early hybrid car age!