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The Home Energy Yardstick – Your Number 1 Money Saving Tool

July 6th, 2021

People often think of home energy saving as a difficult thing to accomplish. This is usually because they do not know where to start, and how. There are many ways of finding out what needs to be done in your home to make it more energy efficient. Among these ways, there is one in particular that has proven to be most useful in saving a lot of money at home when it has been taken seriously. This method is known as the home energy yardstick.

A home energy yardstick is designed to give you a measure of the amount of energy your home uses. Although there are several ways to do this, the easiest way is to type in “” in the Google search box and visit that website. You will be asked to fill in some details and you will then be given a measure of your energy usage. Even in the presence of tools such as the home energy yardstick, many of us are still trapped inside the notion that saving money (by saving home energy) is “easier said than done”. Making use of a home energy yardstick can allow you to plan how to go about decreasing energy consumption at home, without compromising comfortable living standard – people often assume that a direct consequence of reducing home energy, or going green, is that their lifestyle standard will decrease.

This is a long way off from being correct.

It may require a bit of sacrifice at first, such as for example if you turn down the down the temperature of your thermostat by one degree (which can save you a couple of hundred dollars every year) or by ensuring that your taps in your bathrooms and kitchens or other highly serviced areas do not leak (which can potentially save you many, many gallons of water every year). But, making these sacrifices can save you a lot of money in the long run, which can then be used to not only maintain your standard of living, but also to increase it.

It is wrong for us to assume that only people who are environmentally concerned can benefit from saving home energy or being energy efficient. Doing so is beneficial for anybody who is interested in living a more peaceful, relaxed lifestyle, with a much smaller outflow of money due to energy bills.

People argue that saving energy at home cannot possibly change much, since the effect of climate change impacts the entire earth, which makes the energy saved by one home negligible. On the surface of things, this may seem like an argument that cannot be balanced by a counter argument. However, if we look at it a bit deeply, we will find answers that not only balance this argument, but also outweigh it completely.

Saving home energy does not simply mean that we should turn off lights, computers, turn down our thermostat temperature. It means that we should control and limit the use of all of our resources at home. By doing this, each home can potentially halve their energy bills, or, in some aspects of energy usage, even eliminate them completely. If all homes did this, the effect of global climate change would no longer progress. Saving home energy is a more powerful weapon against global climate change than the creation of hybrid vehicles and other technological advancements based on sustainability.

It is needless to say that if we begin to take control of our energy and resource consumption at home, we can make a very big difference to our lifestyle, our budget, our local environment and our peace of mind. There are countless ways and resources available for you if you are interested in being energy efficient at home.